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Clinical Negligence & Personal Injury Lawyers

Have you been the victim of clinical negligence by hospital, dentist or GP? 

Have you suffered botched cosmetic surgery or other beauty treatment?

Have you been injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault?

Are you entitled to compensation?

Choosing the right solicitor to help you at this difficult and stressful time is an important decision.  We understand the real impact of an injury or illness and will help you through the whole process. We offer No Win - No Fee and can work with your legal expenses insurer in appropriate cases. 

People often under estimate the dramatic and sometimes life changing affect an injury can have for the victim and their family. We can help you on the road to recovery by arranging rehabilitation quickly. Often we can help with early payments for treatment or against loss of earnings to help ease the emotional and financial strain.

Our Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence lawyers deal with the following areas: 

Accidents at work
An employer has a duty to ensure that you are safe at work. If you have suffered an injury at work then you may be entitled to compensation.

Poor work practices and maintenance, a failure to give appropriate training or supervision or a disregard for safety regulation can all lead to avoidable injury. We can help you in getting back to work as quickly as possible. Click here to fill in our accident report form.

For more information regarding accidents at work, please visit our website

Industrial disease and illness
Long term exposure to noise, dust or fumes can cause problems. Poor posture or repetitive lifting leads to RSI and back injury…

People are often not aware of the long term health issues they face at work until it is too late. Bad working practices and an absence of adequate risk assessments often lead to repetitive strain injuries. Back problems from poor lifting techniques are common. Many industrial diseases are not identified until many years later but we can still help. Click here to fill out our accident report form.

Occupiers liability
Premises should be safe for all visitors. 
All occupiers of premises have a duty of care to any visitors to ensure they are not at risk while on their premises. If you have a trip, fall or other mishap whilstyou are visiting somewhere or fall in the street then you may have a right to claim compensation. We can help you on a No Win No fee basis. Click here to fill out our accident report form.

Motorbike accidents
20 years riding experience means that we understand…
Simon Sharpe heads our team for motorbike accidents. From his experience both as a biker and as an accident lawyer he understands that bike accidents sometimes get dismissed as reckless riding. We bring a special view to all motorbike accidents and understand the problems of dealing with motorbike claims. Click here to fill out our motorbike accident report form.

For more information regarding motorbike accident claims, please visit our website

Road Accidents
Road accidents are amongst the most common cause of personal injury in the UK ...
Have you been injured in a road accident; whilst driving, as a passenger, on a motorbike or bike or as a pedestrian. We recognise the importance of the claim being dealt with quickly and effectively and our specialist team can help with claims through the RTA portal or through the Court. Click here to see our road accident report form.

For more information regarding road accident claims, please visit our website

Clinical Negligence
Doctor isn’t always right… 
Regrettably, with over 3 million treatments taking place under the NHS each week something occasionally goes wrong. When it does we can help in advising on the complaints process and whether or not there is a claim. Contact us for more information

Cosmetic surgery
Have you had a bad experience?… 
Or have you suffered complications or had an adverse outcome following cosmetic surgery or a beauty treatment?  If the treatement you have received has been negligent then you can make a claim for damages.  WE can discuss your experiences and concerns on a confidential basis and help you. Contact us for more information

Criminal Injuries Compensation. 
The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority will pay compensation to the victims of crimes of violence.  The eligibility rules are complex and we can help victims through the maze.  No Win No fee can be considered in appropriate cases.   Click here to contact us or visit our website

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