Penmans Solicitors Offices in Coventry, Kenilworth, Wellesbourne, Warwickshire

We can provide a fixed fee service for representing you in the Magistrates Court in respect of many summary offences.
We hold a public funding contract in respect of Criminal Law and we can advise you as to whether you are eligible.  Public funding is often not available for motoring matters or other minor matters heard in the Magistrates Court. We therefore offer a fixed fee service for matters.
Our fixed fee is £495 plus VAT if you are pleading guilty and we anticipate the matter being dealt with in less than half a day, or £670 plus VAT if the matter is likely to take more than half a day, but will be completed within one day in total. This fee is for attendances at local Courts.
If you are intending to plead not guilty at Court, then our fee for the first hearing is the same as above. We can then agree a fixed price for representing you at trial from £750 plus VAT. The cost for trial will depend on the complexity of the issues involved, the number of witnesses, the amount of preparation time required and the length of the trial.  Fees typically range from £750 to £1,500 plus VAT. We will agree these with you in advance.
Should you require our assistance with any legal arguments (such as exceptional hardship or special reasons in motoring cases or representations to the Disclosure and Barring Service) these are not covered by the standard fees set out above and we would assess such enquiries on a case by case basis.
If at any stage we are to represent you on an hourly rate, we will provide you with an estimate of our costs at the outset. Any estimate will be based upon an hourly rate from £197.00 plus VAT per hour but because of the wide variety of cases we deal with we cannot provide a “typical” estimate of costs here.
On occasion and subject to the type of matter, we can also offer a free 30 minute consultation for enquiries which can, subject to our availability, be conducted at one of our three offices, or via telephone.



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