Special Guardianship Orders


Sadly, sometimes, it is not possible for parents to care for their child. Other family members, including grandparents and aunts and uncles, come forward to be assessed as carers.  These are often referred to as “Connected Persons” or “Kinship Carers”.  This can sometimes prevent a child from being placed in foster care. You may already be worried about a child within your extended family.

We offer a full range of advice on to how to speak with social services, and if a court order is appropriate, the most appropriate order to apply for. Often this is a Special Guardianship Order. This order will give you ‘enhanced’ parental responsibility for the child so that you can make large and small decisions about what is best for the child.

We will be able to offer you advice in relation to the assessment process, and can make an application at court for you. We can also advise you if care proceedings are ongoing.

We will advise you on the support offered by the Local Authority, as well as the financial package offered as you may be entitled to a Special Guardianship allowance, or a fostering allowance.

We have represented a lot of family members at court who have been successful in obtaining Special Guardianship Orders to enable the child to remain in the family. It is very important to seek legal advice early if you are considering caring for a child who is  not your own.