Clinical Negligence

Doctors are not always right.

Regrettably, with over 3 million treatments taking place under the NHS each week something occasionally goes wrong. When it does we can help in advising on the complaints process and whether or not there is a claim.

We work with independent medical experts to gather information in support of your claim and present this for you to the representatives of the GP or hospital.  We can help establish what went wrong and whether the doctors are to blame.  The tests for clinical negligence are strict and we can help you to understand the treatment you have received, the shortfalls in the standard of care and the effects on the outcome.

Equally, care in the private sector is not always ideal and mistakes sometimes happen.  The role of the private hospital and the liability of the treating doctor, other medical staff and the hospital itself all have to be considered.

We can work on a no win no fee basis and will help in providing after the event insurance cover to remove the financial burden of medical investigations.