Trips & Slips

Local Authorities have a duty of care to maintain the public highway.  This includes not only the road surface but the footpaths and street “furniture”.  If you are injured in the street because of a defect then they may be liable to pay compensation.  They may have a defence if they can establish they had a reasonable system for inspection and repair and if they can show that they followed it.  So often we find that  accidents in the street have happened because the local authority have not followed their own system for inspection (or even worse, have inspected but then not repaired)  If that happens then we can help you pursue a claim.

We can work on a No Win No Fee basis so we can help establish the facts and IF the authority have a valid defence then we will tell you without you having incurred any expense.  We work with legal expenses insurance to progress suitable cases with no risk or expense to you.

Contact us if you have had a fall in the street and we can help you though the process.

Equally, we can help with trips and falls on private property (see our Occupiers Liability page)