Estate Disputes

Sometimes a Will does not provide for the people who are left behind.  When this happens we can help in providing quick and practical advice as to the available options.  Simon Sharpe, who is head of our litigation team, works closely with our probate department to ensure the best advice for clients.

Challenges to a Will can be made if the correct formal procedure has not been followed; or if there is evidence of undue influence, mistake or if the person making the Will did not have the mental capacity to do so.  We can advise on the evidence that will be needed and the prospects of a successful challenge.  Similarly, if the Will itself cannot be challenged then the terms may be if it fails to make a reasonable financial provision for someone.

We often advise Executors or Administrators who are facing challenges to an estate (and even seeking to resolve disputes between Executors).

If you think there is a problem with a Will, the administration of an estate or a Trust then contact us for a free initial meeting.