Make a Will

We can advise you on the most appropriate type of Will for you, from the simple to the complex, depending on your circumstances.  Wills enable you to decide who will take charge of your assets after your death and make sure your wishes about how your estate should be distributed take effect.  Parents can appoint guardians of their children and trustees to look after the children’s inheritance until they are mature enough to inherit fully.

If you are in a relationship and are worried about your partner meeting someone else after your death and disinheriting your children, or perhaps you have children from a previous relationship and don’t know how to provide for your children and your partner, we can draft a Will that enables all parties to benefit from your estate.  Certain types of trust can be included in a Will which protects assets being exhausted by long term care fees.   Worried about your son or daughter’s marriage and potential for divorce?

We can advise you on the options for your Will.  We would advise that you consider making a Will if:

  • You want your assets to go to beneficiaries of your choice.
  • You have Children aged under 18 and want to appoint a Guardian for them.
  • You do not want the Government to inherit your assets.
  • You want to reduce the Inheritance Tax payable.
  • You are involved in a Business.
  • You want someone of your choice to carry out your wishes as expressed in your Will.
  • You are not married and are living with your Partner.
  • You wish to safeguard your assets by setting up a Trust.
  • You are married and the assets in your sole name exceed £250,000.