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Domestic Violence Protection Orders

20th January 2019

Domestic Violence Protection Orders (DVPO’s)

DVPO’s have been around since 2014 and are designed to give protection to victims of domestic violence.
A DVPO can be imposed by the Court to prevent contact between the parties along with other conditions such as a prohibition on attending the alleged victim’s address.
The Orders are described as a means of allowing the alleged victim time to consider their position without the interference of the alleged perpetrator and are usually ordered by the Court following an application by Police, where an individual has been arrested but the complaint does not meet the threshold for charges to be brought.
A notice is served on the suspect and the case must be heard before a Magistrates Court within 48 hours.
At the hearing, the Police apply for the Order. Orders can agreed by the suspect, who sometimes agree that time apart may assist when tensions are high, however, if an order is to be challenged, the Court must hear evidence as soon as possible, sometimes on the same day.
The Order can last up to 28 days and if it is breached, the Court may impose a fine or a period of imprisonment.
If you wish to challenge a DVPO in its entirety, or in relation to its terms, you should seek legal advice immediately.
Please contact our criminal department, who will be happy to assist.

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