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Lockdown blues and resolving your family dispute with collaborative law

24th May 2021

It’s been a very tough year for us all, and being in lockdown with your relationship failing can be particularly difficult.

Bringing your relationship to an end in a fair and constructive way, with as little disruption for you and the children is possible.  Avoiding expensive and emotionally draining litigation at court is possible.  Living together in the same property whilst preparing to separate amicably is possible.

If you are both committed to resolving all of your outstanding issues together, then Collaborative Family Law may be the process for you.

What is Collaborative Family Law?

You agree from the outset not to take matters to court and instead (with the encouragement and support of your collaborative family lawyers) you commit to resolving all issues about your children/finances in a series of four-way meetings.

The process is yours, you set the agenda, you decide the issues you wish to discuss and with guidance from your collaborative family lawyers you work to resolve those issues fairly, constructively and openly.

If necessary other experts may be included in the process to help e.g. life coaches, family counsellors and financial experts.

In essence the collaborative family law process is tailored to you and your particular family circumstances. You can look beyond the narrow rules of the court to find creative solutions to your problems.


How long with this process take?

Unlike the court process which can take years, cause considerable stress and be very costly, the collaborative family law process can take much less time, alleviate the stress for all and potentially be more cost effective.

The timing and cost of the process depends largely on the needs of both parties, something which will be discussed by your collaborative family lawyers are the very beginning of the process.
How can I discuss this further?

If you wish to discuss this approach further, then please contact Donna Weston, our experienced Resolution trained Collaborative Family Lawyer on 01926 858222  ( Donna will offer you a 30 minute free meeting to discuss your particular circumstances, and explain further how this process may benefit you and your family in moving forward with your lives after such a difficult year for us all.


May 2021

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