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Voluntary Interviews at the Police Station 

16th April 2018

Being asked to attend a voluntary interview at a Police Station can be a nerve wracking experience.
Here (hopefully) is some useful help with answers to commonly asked questions:

Q:  What is a Voluntary Interview?
A:  There are occasions when the Police wish to speak to someone in relation to a potential criminal
offence but they do not believe that an arrest is necessary. They may ask the suspect to attend the
Police Station on a voluntary basis.  The interview itself is still conducted under Caution but you
could technically leave at any time, whereas if you were under arrest, you would be detained for the
purposes of questioning and could not leave.

Q:  Can I be arrested when I arrive?
A:  Yes, you can. Often however, if you have attended voluntarily, the Police do not feel that an
arrest is necessary.

Q:  Should I have a Solicitor?
A:  It is your choice as to whether you wish to instruct a Solicitor.

Q:  What happens in a voluntary interview?
A:  The interview process is the same as if you had been arrested. The interview is conducted under
Caution and may later be used in evidence if your case goes to Court.

Q:  Will I have to pay if I want a solicitor?
A:  Legal representation at the Police Station is free of charge, whether you are there under arrest or
have attended voluntarily.

Q:  How is a voluntary interview arranged?
A:  If you are due to attend voluntarily, you will be given a date and time to attend which will give
you time to make enquiries if you did want to instruct a Solicitor. We often attend voluntary
interviews with clients who feel nervous about attending the Police Station alone.

Q:  What if I am unsure what to do?
A:  If you have any questions about voluntary interviews or if you want to have representation at a
police station, then please contact our criminal team for further advice:
Tel: 024 7622 6575

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